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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post by C0R3 P0W3R on Wed May 06, 2009 2:31 am

Please follow the rules to avoid being banned from TechDoeu. We will know when you violate one. Wink

Rule number #1:
You must have a ForuMotion forum at hand. This ensures that we can give out features. But please, don't bother joining if your Forum isn't ForuMotion. It will be a required field of the signup page.

Rule number #2:
Spamming is disallowed and will not be tolerated on the forum. Good grammar, punctuation and spelling would be great, thank you. You can be instantly banned for doing so. This includes many uses of smilies in a row.

Rule number #3:
Double posting is also disallowed. Posts must be seperated by 24 hour duration. Then you can freely post a new post. If it hasn't reached 24 hours, please edit your post.

Rule number #4:
Backseat Moderating is when you moderate as a regular member. Moderators have jobs and do not require assistance from members. Please just post freely without moderating.

Rule number #5:
Double accounting is creating two accounts. You only require a singular account, plus name changes are available.
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